Dr English's work is a legacy to the homeopathic community worldwide. Over the coming months we will publish more and more of his work.  Materials are in preparation for over 30 remedies, and all are freely available.

What you see here is only a tiny fraction of Dr English’s materials; the product of his life’s work as a homeopath and teacher. Everyone who wants to learn more about homeopathy can find something useful here. Learn more about the materials and the remedies, or discover more about John English and his approach to teaching and learning homeopathy, by exploring the pages of this site.

Learning homeopathy is a rich and challenging experience. You will absorb much information about remedies, rubrics and repertory. You will also develop sensitivity in observation and diagnosis and an ability to see the connections between different aspects of the patient’s constitution and the characteristics of the remedies. These materials use powerful learning techniques to develop your knowledge and skills. To be properly assimilated each remedy must be understood not only by our logical minds, but also by our own feelings and the body awareness. It is to address this need that the poems, cartoons and videos are constructed. The quizzes are a fun way of learning for the mind, and a yardstick by which you can measure your own progress! 

So whether you are just beginning to explore how homeopathy can improve life for you and your family, or whether you are a trainee or an experienced homeopath, take a look around our site - or even better register for news and updates as new materials are published. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Having known John for a number of years and having had the pleasure to experience many of his poems in person, I am thrilled that he is now making them available to the wider public! John’s poems and the cartoons really do bring the remedies to life and help you to remember the rubrics! I have recently become a trainee homeopath myself and now that I’m a ‘serious’ student of homeopathy, whenever I have to study a new remedy for an exam, I like to check what study materials relating to the remedy I can find on John’s website. John’s poems, mind maps, quizzes and case studies are all great learning tools and my fellow students and I love browsing his website. If you’re studying homeopathy or just interested in finding out more, you should give it a try!


Ute Staffler (2nd year student of homeopathy, London)


Dear John, without your poems here,

The remedies become unclear,

Modalities confused, key notes a muddle,

Details a mess, my brain befuddled.

But remedies in rhyme and pictures,

I can remember the detailed tinctures,

The Nux vom straining on the loo, 

The Gelsemium who can't say boo!

Mary Natrum, Jack and Jill,

Have helped me climb the academic hill,

Without them, like Jack I would fall down,

And feel I had become a clown!

(Jane Allen, 2nd year student of homeopathy, London)



We've known Dr John English as a teacher and a friend for a good part of ten years now and his teaching methods and materials are a wonderful study for beginners as well as more experienced homoeopaths. We'd like to recommend this website to all those interested in learning homoeopathy. Its a fun way to learn the subject and that helps to imbibe it better.

Amit and Adti Habbu, MFHom



I have looked through the website and I have to say it looks really nice and fun! I am familiar with John's work as I learnt from him and there's no doubt that the material is fantastic!

Renuka Kshirsagar, MFHom


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