Pyramid case analyses

My pyramid quizzes test your diagnostic skills. In each quiz you’ll see a collection of rubrics. In each case ONLY ONE REMEDY IS SUGGESTED BY ALL THE SYMPTOMS. The closer you get to the ONE remedy the more points you get. However, other remedies are indicated by most, or some of the symptoms. You'll get points if you select a 'near miss'. This is a quiz for advanced students. I found that success in this quiz was a good predictor of LFHom results amongst my students.

Because it’s a difficult quiz, you have three choices. You get most points for choosing the correct remedy as your first choice, but you still earn some points if it’s your second or third choice. Select a different remedy for each of your choices. The skilled homeopath has a keen sense of each remedy's profile and the relationships between remedies - if you can demonstrate this you’ll earn the highest score.

Start with Pyramid Quiz 1. This link takes you to my fuller explanation, and on to the quizzes themselves.

Good luck!


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