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Homeopathy Mind MapsThese present materia medica logically and visually. Symbols and illustrations familiar from the poems keep the specific remedy in mind as you explore the rubrics. Maps are colour-coded to reinforce repertory relationships. Begin at the core and click to extend the map and reveal more detailed and specific symptoms divided into general, local and mental sections.

Focus on one part of the map at a time until the patterns and colour-codes fix themselves into your visual memory. Change to a different activity or take a break for a while, and then study another section. Return to the map a day or so later and see how much you can remember.

If the map you want is in pdf format, most browsers will display it on your screen. However, you will need to download the map onto your computer for the internal navigation between the maps to work.



Explore the Mind Maps




Bryonia mentals map (pdf download)










gelsthumbKeynotes Map (on screen)     

Full maps (pdf downloads):

Gels Generals and Mentals   

Gels Locals Part 1   

Gels Locals Part 2






Lilium tigrinum



Lil-tig Generals Keynotes (download a pdf)

Lil-tig Mentals Keynotes (download a pdf)





Natrum muriaticum:

natmthumbKeynotes Map (on screen)     

Full maps (pdf downloads):

 Nat-m. Generals    

Nat-m. Mentals  

Nat-m. Locals Part 1    

Nat-m. Locals Part 2    

Nat-m. Locals Part 3    

Nat-m. Locals Part 4





Nux vomica:



 Nux vom Generals (download a pdf)

 Nux vom Mentals (download a pdf)







pulsthumbKeynotes Map (on screen)     

Full maps (pdf downloads):

 Puls Generals  

Puls Mentals  

Puls Locals Part 1  

Puls Locals Part 2  

Puls Locals Part 3

 Puls Locals Part 4  

Puls Locals Part 5






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