Why learn homeopathy by laughing at poems, videos and cartoons, or studying mind maps rather than the repertory? Explore this page to learn more about why Dr English's approaches to teaching and learning homeopathy are effective - as well as fun.

The best way to become a good homeopath is always to enjoy learning homeopathy!



Recognising RubricsWhat is learning homeopathy like? Exciting, challenging, inspiring, daunting? How can Dr English’s materials help and support you in your own path and practice?

Homeopathy ArticlesThe main source for materia medica used here is Frederick Shroyens’ Synthesis Repertory supported by other established texts, including:

The key skills of the homeopath

Dr English's learning materials each directly address one or more of the key skills a homeopath needs to develop. 

Homeopathy Glossary



In common with homeopathic practice the learning materials at use the following symbols, abbreviations and key terms.


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