Ignatia: 'the world’s more full of weeping ...'

Ignatia is best known as a remedy for grief  ‘where a person’s acute response … is to weep’.[2] But given its status as a homeopathic polycrest its profile is far more rich and nuanced than this one application.

Kali carbonicum: a hard remedy?

i mindMaps 150Kent says that Kali carbonicum is a hard remedy to study and to prescribe [5, 2]. One of the traits of the Kali c constitution is to suppress or have few symptoms and these patients may report for treatment only when their pathology is well advanced. Kali c. also has affinities to several major remedies, including Lycopodium, Arsenic and Bryonia to name but three. It has a distinctive personality, but given how ‘closed’ Kali c. can be, sometimes physical symptoms are the most effective guide to prescription, even though these an be opposite and changing.

Silica Keynotes


This week we'll explore Silica as a homeopathic remedy, in the person of Mr Sandy Glass. Poor Mr Glass! His Silica constitution has caused him numerous problems since his childhood. He'll tell you more himself - here he comes now ...

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