Homeopathy ArticlesFor a deeper understanding of the 'English' approach to homeopathy, explore the articles linked below. 

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The articles here cover a wide range of topics. You'll find remedy profiles, descriptions of how Dr English incorporated homeopathy and other complementary therapies into his general medical practice, discussions of repertorization, of approaches to the patient and much more. Use the menu on the right to pinpoint specific articles or browse for articles in these different groups.


About homeopathy

Read about Dr English's own introduction to homeopathy and his early training. You'll also find a remarkable interview he conducted across the centuries with Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of modern homeopathy.Samuel Hahnemann bust

An interview with Samuel Hahnemann

Hahnemann's questions

Learn homeopathy through suggestopaedia

My introduction to homeopathy

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Complementary therapies

i jump 150As part of his own self development, Dr English learned a number of different techniques from psychosynthesis to acupuncture and meditation. He was then able to teach many of these approaches to his patients.

Autogenic training

My introduction to acupuncture


Meditation and biofeedback

Touch for Health

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My general practice

consult3In these articles looks back at how he incorporated homeopathy and other complementary therapies into his general medical practice - a mid-twentieth-century example of integrative medicine.

Acupuncture and my general medical practice

Homeopathy and childbirth

Homeopathy and my general practice

Teaching autogenic training

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Prescriptions and consultations

nuxdoctorHow to approach your second consultation with a patient. How to learn from what happened after your first prescription, what kind of patient you are dealing with, and what (and whether) to prescribe next.

The second consultation

What type of patient?

To prescribe or not to prescribe?

Taking cases

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Remedy profiles

arnicabotThese remedy profiles complement the other learning materials on the site - the poems, stories, videos, mind maps and quizzes. To find more materials for these remedies, check out the Remedy Index.

Arnica keynotes

Bryonia mental rubrics

Graphites keynotes

Ignatia: the world's more full of weeping ...'

Kali carbonicum: a hard remedy?

Lachesis: an introduction

Lilium tigrinum keynotes

Lilium tigrinum mental rubrics

Lilium tigrinum: an introduction

Lycopodium: 992 mental rubrics

Lycopodium: an introduction

Nux vom keynotes

Rhus tox keynotes

Silica Keynotes

Sulphur Subpersonalities Compendium

Sulphur teenagers

Sulphur: the child

The Sulphur itch

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i mindMaps 150Like the dictionary, the Repertory has to be alphabetical so that rubrics can be easily located – but look at the distance between (say) anger and anal boils. Despite this, the Repertory is the single most important weapon in the homeopath's armoury; it has to be well known and well understood. A useful route to this understanding is to cut across the alphabetical order and to classify the information in any chapter. These articles discuss how repertorization can lead the homeopath to an effective prescription, and how it can reveal some of the complexities of different remedy constitutions.

A repertory pyramid

Analysing the repertory

Drunkenness and homeopathy

Falstaff: a Carbo veg. death?

Sulphur subpersonalities: repertorization

Sulphur: revisiting the Fluellen subpersonality

Which rubric? Which remedy?

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