john englishDr John English
FRCGP FF Hom Dip Med Ac


Dr John English lives in Salisbury with his wife, Wendy, and Jem the dog. They are visited frequently by an increasingly large number of grandchildren. Born in 1934, he graduated in medicine 1957, in spite of (too) many student hours spent on singing and sport! His first experience in general practice was during national service as an army doctor in Nigeria. This convinced him that general practice was where his heart lay, and he went on to develop a thriving and unusual National Health Service practice among the housing estates of Hayes, Middlesex. Having discovered the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating his own children, he was enthusiastic to introduce that and other complementary techniques, as well as health education, to his patients. For this innovative approach, he was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners. His other interests include acupuncture, autogenic relaxation training, kinesiology, and personal growth approaches such Psychosynthesis and Focusing. He taught homoeopathy for over forty years, developing his unique body of teaching materials, as a lecturer at London’s Royal Homoeopathic Hospital, and as a guest speaker worldwide. He was also rapporteur for an EC (now the EU) committee that met for three years evaluating homeopathy in the 1980's. (Its findings were positive - but were never published!)

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Dr English also played his part in the conventional side of practice. He was a GP trainer for many years, a trainer selector, a member of the local District Health Authority and of various subcommittees, such as the hospitals' complaints committees. Dr English’s love of poetry and music has been a constant thread in his life. Whilst most famous amongst his family for verses on annual birthday cards, his homeopathic poems have been received with affection – and sometimes astonishment! – by his pupils and colleagues. Accurate, yet engaging, the remedy poems reflect his creative approach to passing on the wisdom of homeopathy to new generations of homeopaths.


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